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i can't set player health in hl2dm... i get a error in the console saying "player xxxxxx is not on a active team" any help would be appreciated... Smile
ummm.. this question should be directed to the mani-admin forums. thats probly either a bug in the code, its not supposed to work, or you downloaded the css version of mani and not the hl2mp version.
the strangist thing is i have had mani installed for 6 month's and all has been woring great.. i could use ma_sethealth up untill a week ago.. and i haven't changed anything.. i have also posted on the mani forum and nothing that help's yet.. i was jus thinkin maybe 1 of u guy's have had the same prob.. i have also removed and reinstalled mani compleatly and still the same problem... thank's guys
hmmm well i can't say i have had the problem.. i also don't run a hl2mp server. lol. but if it just stoped working without you changing anything.. then i don't know.

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