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Suggest configs and mods
I have a TF2 server set up with mani admin plugin, Sourcemod and Metamod. My system specifications are Core i7 950 overclocked to 4.2 Ghz, 6 GB DDR3 Ram in Tri-Channel. My internet connection is Fios @ 25 Mbps/25 Mbps.

I am wondering what server configuration I should use for this setup. Also what's the suggested/norm configuration for mani and sourcemod? I want to get a decent 24 slot server set up that won't lag.
quake mod and make it payload with bots happy gaming
What about server rates and other cvars/parameters in the server.cfg? I'm wondering what I should have server rates set at for my connection. Is it possible to run a 24 - 32 slot server with my connection speed and specifications without lag?

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