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HLDS Update Tool Fails To Update (Via Wine)
Server OS: CentOS 5.7 64Bit
Processor: Intel® Core i7-2600K (Quad Core, 3.40 GHz, Hyprethreading Enabled, Turbo Boost Disabled)
Ram: 16GB
Game(s): Sven Coop
Start Up Command: wine hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir .
Admin Mods: None yet

I'm trying to use Wine in linux to run some modifications that only have windows server versions available.

I have wine installed (via yum), but when i run hldsupdatetool.exe i get the following error:

Quote:fixme:dbghelp:dump_system_info fill in CPU vendorID and feature set
Checking bootstrapper version ...
Cannot open blob archive file: CMultiFieldBlob(mem-mapped file): File does not exist and failed to create new file

Any idea how to fix this?
Start Up Command: wine hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir .


Please don't use wine.

Well if you still want to use it (sounds like an awful idea) the issue seems to be the process having no rights to create a new file. Check permissions for the user running this process in the folder it tries to create the file
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