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[NeedHelp][PHP-TO-RCON] Script
Hi everyone.

First of all, i would like to apologise if i wrote this thread in wrong section of forum. I'm here becouse i need some help with script that might exist, all rcon-server based.

I need a script to kick players with specific IP adresses.

I want to make an anti cheat for game q3engine based. Anticheat detect illegal software - if find nothing then our IP is added on list on mine ftp. I would like to have some script which will be checking adresses and if im not on list i should get kicked by rcon script.

Sorry, i know its hard to understand but i cant explain clearlier.

AntiCh ON > Our ip added on list on my ftp
You r connecting to server > script will be checking (run from crontab every X minutes) IP adresses if im not there that means i didnt get authoirization by AntiCheat and PHP script should send command to kick my out from server.

There is no working anticheat for Jedi Academy and im newbie in this kind of stuff (AC is ready, all i need is to compare lists of IPs)

Is any possibility to do sth like this?

Sorry for my english,
I do my best.

You want to make a anticheat, by hand, totally from scratch? Forget it. I suggest you download something to your phone, or download something like HLSW so you can remotely administer your server, making it in PHP would be insecure if you didn't know how to code properly.
Making security software means you are very advanced programmer and shouldn't ask how to use rcon in php.
Anyway, there is a free and easy library for using php - rcon:
Best Regards,

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