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Hi all.

I already started my server and is working perfectly, but I have any doubts. I don´t know how can I apply the admin commands on linux console, for example: restart server (sv_restartround 1), change level, and so on.

Does anybody can help me, please?

Thanks and regards,

Luis Carlos
To execute a command in console you need to add

rcon_password <pwd you like> to the server's server.cfg (like all the server variables)

Rcon commands (given ingame in console):

In console that will be:
rcon changelevel

Maybe you want to install a adminmod like Sourcemod:

Also handy:

Warning Level: 0%
Hi Arjen, thanks for you response.

This method I know.

I need to apply the commands on Linux SSH (when I applied the start server command), did you understand?! Do you know how can I do it?

Thanks and regards,

Luis Carlos
just type the commands at the server console... how do you start your server? do you use screen to run it in background? in that case, simply reconnect to the screen (screen -R <nameOfTheSession>)... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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