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Setting up multiple servers on a machine.
How do you setup multiple servers on a single pc?
I already have one going, do I just change the cmd line in properties of the Source DS shortcut?
The easiest way to setup multiple servers is to run them on different ports. You can specify the port the server will use by using the "-port" flag when starting the server.

Another option would be to have multiple external IP addresses, and host each server on it's own IP. You should be able to specficy the external IP by using the "+ip" flag.
if you want the same config for all the servers, its easy. just add -port 27016 and going up in numbers with each server. if you want different configs for each server either install into a different directory, but either copying all the files, or runnin the update tool to a different directory. or specifying a different server.cfg file for each different server.

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