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how much servers can this run?
Hello, My friend is looking on getting nfo's vps four core package.
here is specs:
Four full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better)
4096 MB of RAM
400 GB of hard drive space
4000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer

And it says it is perfect for 4-12 game servers. But it's 4 TO 12. I am looking on getting 6 servers. Idk if it can handle them though. Anyone else got this package?
it's the four core package.
Im planning on runn 6 servers(3 css, 2 tf2, 1 gmod).
If all the slots were at 32.

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My gameservers take 272 mb after running for more than 10 days without crashes, so I advice to secure around 300-350mb space for each SRCDS. now thsi should be enough for around 10 servers on your machine 4gig machine.

4TB traffic is enough, but you also might want to make sure that bandwidth is good (in most cases it is)
Now 4 cores for 6 servers.. You might want to tell us clock speed, because nehalem is architecture and not processor name, the family's clock wary from as low as 1.5ghz.
Running 6 servers 32/32 on 4 cores means 2 cores will have to coup with 32+32 server on each core - this is extremely unlucky you will succeed. 32 slot server usually requires good 80-100% of 3ghz processor to handle. If cpu clock is around 4.2 this might be OK as long as those 2 servers are not deathmatch or similar consuming mod.
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I wouldn't even try running a single 32 slot server on a VPS, even if it is designed to host game servers. Most people have difficulties running such large servers even on real root servers... for 6 32 slot servers you really should get an unvirtualized (i.e. non-VPS) root server with a decent cpu (better with 6 cores...). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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oh, I missed the fact of it being VPS.. then yes, why don't you get dedicated machine? How much do they ask you for this 4core vps
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2 server's 20-30 slots
3-4 server's 12-18
1 sever 8-12 this would be for scrim server or something

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