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enFORECE rates
Hello. I want a plugin that forces to se the server rates. I saw a server that freezes you untill you set the correct rates that are show.
sv_mincmdrate and sv_minupdaterate enforce rates in the best possible way. if e.g. the client has less fps then sv_minupdaterate, it cannot possibly send so many updates per second, so the rate drops nevertheless below the minimum. there is no way around this, this has nothing to do with settings or plugins, it's simply impossible.

nb: sv_mincmdrate and sv_minupdaterate do not force the values of cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate, so if you somehow read out the values of these cvars, you might think enforcing the rates did not work. it works nevertheless, the actual enforcing is done "later". most plugins unfortunately read the cvars and not the effective values, so they will report you the unforced values... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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This always was tricky, I remember SM officially having not enough power to make this work, I've seen few metamod plugins which were capable but not ideal... Best solution so far are admins who kick/warn lagging people
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you can use a modified version of the ratechecker plugin to see the actual rates of a player:

in principle one could modify this to kick people with a too low actual rate. but there is technically no way to force them to have a higher rate! (and beware, if this is done wrong, you will kick people having just some fps drops in heavy battle!) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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just use zblock

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