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ERROR: Reliable Snapshot Overflow? TF2
Ok so recently Steam forums got hacked, and ever since then 10 mins after my srcds has been running Clients get the error reliable snapshot overflow. Sometimes people join they get this message a few seconds later. But mostly when they join and assign themselves to a team they freeze and get the error then disconnect. This only happens 10 minutes into the game. I dont know whats causing this I have tried switching maps, I searched this problem but found no solutions other than issues on with too many props on a server causing this. I deleted my bin for srcds and re-installed and it did not fix it. Is this just a Steam thing for right now or did something go to shit? Please im so confused I just want my server running perfectly again Sad

EDIT: BTW in my srcds it say about 100 times repeatedly "WARNING: msg overflowed for <Client>" then TF2 says "<Client> Disconnected from server (ERROR! Reliable Snapshot Overflow)"
Ok I fixed it, thanks for any attempted help or suggestions at all guys *sarcasm*

Figures it was a bad plugin(s). Some of these plugins gave all clients this error. Here are the plugins I removed then tested again to confirm restored client connection operation without this error. You might want to stay away from these plugins if you don't want this error to happen with your clients on the latest version of Source Mod. - SAFE - ERROR - SAFE

EDIT: Ok I got over my laziness and tested the plugins. THIS plugin is the one that makes your srcds get this shit error.
You are welcome *sarcasm*
Best Regards,

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