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I have been searching for a plugin that works on tf2 that can when server are 20 of 24 players ask players if they want to connect to one of my other servers.

I have seen a couple of them on alliedmods but them all seem to have issues.

Is there any other page like alliedmods with plugins?

Can you recommend any plugin?
alliedmods is the best option for SM plugins. there are few other localized sites containing SM plugins but mostly they just copy from alliedmods.

By the way I am using redirection plugin from alliedmods with few own modifications.
If you want a plugin which will exactly ask person to redirect once server hits 20 players you will unlikely find one, but it's not hard to make yourself.

I, as SM plugins developer can offer you making one for a standard rate though. (Not sure if it's violation of some rules on this forum to do such offers)

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