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C++ Runtime Error
I set up a dedicated server to play HL2DM and HL2DM-Pro.
After someone plays of the server for a while, the server will crash with the error C++ Runtime Error-Pure call function.
Any idea what causes this and a possible fix?
are there any plugins running on the server?
are there any plugins running on the server?

No, the server is pretty much stock.
Today, I tried putting in some Corsair TwinX PC3200 and the server seems to be running better. It will needs a good play test before we know for sure but I suspect the issue has been resolved.
You case mod is looking sweet Smile
yeaa.. bad memory would do that i guess. please post if the problem persists.

and thanx about the case mod.. although i haven't even started yet. theres TONS more to come with that. i have soo much i want to do, with soo little time, and right now im waiting on stuff to come. i have tons of watercooling stuff bein shipped curtesy of, there a lovely company thats worked with me a lot, sending a free radiator, cpu block, gpu block, and tubing. if only i had a better mobo i could probly push almost 4 ghz outta my 3.0 cpu. right now i get to 3.2 and my mobo shuts down lol.

ok sorry, this isn't the place for this Toungue

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