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HELP!! Error: Lan servers are restricted to local clients(clase c)
People like walking? I hope well, I just follow their installation tutorial CS Source.

Server up, but when entering the STEAM client shows me the following error: Lan servers are restricted to local clients (class c).

We are using operating system Centos 5.6 and have a range of IP 200.58.

Someone can help me?

Yes, I had same after huge valve update, solution is:
1. make sure you have sv_lan 0 (obviously)
2. add into server.cfg: setmaster add
I think there is no need to remind server has to be legal and not pirate one
Best Regards,
Thank you for answering, I have my own license from STEAM for my client in Windows, to validate the server I have to do?

You want to know how to activate VAC Security module as the server is listed without such protection, in the command line I have added the secure parameter.
There is no need of having any license to have SRCDS server.
I am not sure how to activate VAC if you already have it active in parameters (I don't remember command)

Did my solution solve your (class C) problem?
Best Regards,
Solved! had to coloctar sv_lan 0 and -secure 1 in the command line!


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