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memory leak

I am running a css server with sourceTV , ZBlock and one sourcemod plugin which Im almost sure isn't causing this problem.

The problem is that my server eats all my RAM with 1 MB /sec until the comp. is out of RAM and then dies Sad.

I have search for simular problems and all I found was that having tv_autorecord set to 1 could cause this problem though I have it sat to 0 on my server.

Any ideas what could cause this wierd memory leak?

Hello m_fulder,

It is better to narrow your problem down. Since you have a huge leak as 1mb/s (I never met such an aggressive leak).

Steps you could perform: Try disabling sourceTV and see if leak stays, if it does, then try disabling ZBlock, and so on.

Once you've done it Please let us know what exactly causes leak, if it's some SM plugin there are standard procedures to handle it, if it's ZBlock - just get rid of this thing.
sourceTV - do you actually get use of it?

Best Regards,
Thanks for your fast responce Stinkyfax.

From what I've seen the leak is caused by Zblock. I do need that plugin because thoes servers are PCW/WAR - servers. But I could try using sourcemods equivalent plugin and see if that works better.
You are welcome. sadly this is very common problem - closed-source projects like zblock are very inactive and due to valve updates things tend to break fast, you better use other warmod plugins I bet there are some for SM as they usually replicate all available closed-source projects like mani, etc.

I was surprised when you said it might be SM, SM has some internal memory leak detection which unloads plugin on leak
Best Regards,
I found out it wasn't Zblock causing the leak but SourceTV.

If I just do tv_enable 1 the RAM leak starts. Because I need SourceTV on my match servers which I rent out I solved my problem by just loop-restarting the server when it isn't booked which is the only way of erasing momery leak if tv_enable was 1 some time before.

Then only if a server is reserved I put SourceTV on.
You could try reading some articles on how to configure sourcetv (I never used it), you might misconfigured it.
Best Regards,

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