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tf2 round settings
hello, i would like to ask whats the best mp_timelimit / mp_maxrounds / mp_winlimit settings for usual vanilla TF2 server with 24 slots, thanks for answers.
Leave them at default, or remove them completely.
Default for all of them is "0" so if I leave it at default the map wont change at all, rite?
Oh. Sorry. Well, what do you want? I usually set only the timelimit, and thats 30 mins. So that it plays rounds until that limit is reached.
default in cs is 45 min, I find it ridiculously much, people usually get annoyed by map in 35 minutes.

In my opinion best map duration is 25-30 min. Perfect setup would be 25 min + 10 min extension if people vote for it.

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