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I can only get the default maps to run on my server, none others are listed in the rotation, how do I add maps I made and maps I downloaded?
there not listed in rotation?

if you have the map files themselves in the srcds folder, then add the map name into the maplist.txt file and the mapcycle.txt file.
The bsp is the map file right? or is it the vmf.
bsp is that actual map file.. all them other files are textures, sounds, and such for the map.. not all maps have these files.
If you just upload the map files to your "cstrike/" folder that will work (also textures). Just to keep it nice: also add them to your maplist.txt
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What if in the folder "cstrike" there is no "maplist.txt" do we make one ourselves? And where exactly do we place the maps that we download? Please help Sad
for a cs or css server yes. if the server is for hl2dm or dod then the folder will change accordingly.

and you put that maps where you download? do you mean if you download like a custom map off of a site? you put it in the game directory in the maps folder, and the textures in the materials folder, and the sounds in the sound folder.
I understand what you mean. When we want to create our own server with source dedicated server for CSS, only the maps that starts with "de_..." are able to choose. How do we get the maps that we downloaded from the internet and use it when we make our own server? I have downloaded a lot of maps and place it in the MAP folder, but it doesn't appear in the source dedicated server. Thank you for your help in advance. ^^

if you make a file called maplist.txt and a file calld mapcycle.txt and put all the map names in them, then it should work right. them files need to be in the cstrike directory.
I made a folder called "maps" in the csrtike folder which is in the dedicated server folder. Put all the maps in it and it found them. You have to restart server to find them.
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