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Bots in server.cfg for CS:S
This may sound nooby, but i'm really confused when it comes to bots in my Counter-Strike: Source dedicated server. I run a server with +maxplayers 16 in my scrds.exe shortcut, and what i'm trying to do is have it so the server is filled with bots and as a player tries to come in, a bot will be removed to make room for that player. For bots in my server.cfg, I have:
  • bot_difficulty 1
  • bot_quota 16
  • bot_quota_mode normal
  • bot_join_team any
  • bot_auto_vacate 1
  • bot_join_after_player 1
  • bot_add

There are more but they don't matter. What ends up happening when my server starts is I join it and it's me with 15 other bots, filling the server evenly. Then, I tell my friend to join, but he can't because it says the server is full. I then have to use rcon to kick 1 of the bots myself and he is let in. I probably have something wrong in my server.cfg considering bots. What are the right commands for server.cfg here? Thanks!

bot_quota_mode fill

Warning Level: 0%
remove bot_join_after_player
and add mani admin and change settings there its the best way to remove bots when players joinWink

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