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This server will operate in LAN mode only
The problem with TF2 server after I changed the directory
I used to do this:
Here I had a folder for downloading updates css and tf2 from there I .Then poured update script on all servers (I was so comfortable) and everything worked, including the new server.
The new server, I created a directory in
I filled the orangebox folder and hl2, then ran the server and everything is OK with it.
But then I had to change the directory (this is done without me)
Now I have a server in a directory
All the old server which I had previously picked up - works fine, but again the problem of the server, create them on the same principle, but it always fails

Failed to load Steam Service
ServiceStart: failed to start
* Unable to load Steam support library.*
* This server will operate in LAN mode only.*

Sevrer works as a local ...
In this case no new entries in the


[2011-09-27 01:42:51] Log session started

[2011-09-27 01:42:51] [0,0] SetSteamID( [A:1:0:0] )
[2011-09-27 01:42:51] [1,2] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)
[2011-09-27 01:42:52] [1,2] ConnectionCompleted() (, UDP)
[2011-09-27 01:42:52] [1,2] RecvMsgClientLogOnResponse() : [A:1:3545141252:2740] 'OK'
I do not know and do cho ...
os Debian
Older servers kotoryya I created to change directory, run and updated without a problem, just with new problem ... I hope for your help.

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