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@~~~ / !~~~ command is not working
Yesterday , 11:26 PM @~~~ / !~~~ command is not working
The problem suddenly occurred.
I don't know why I don't touch anything

Not work !zmenu !ztele @menu !menu.. anyway something like that by sourcemod
(Only plugins with sourcemod, good working eventscripts / mani admin's command. )

.jpg   error.jpg (Size: 23.95 KB / Downloads: 5)

If I said command. There is nothing.

Help me !
Thank you

and I'm using 1.4.0-hg3419.tar.gz sourcemod. I tried change snapshot. But problem still exist.

I know here is SRCDS forum. but This is really really seriously problem for me. I write sourcemod forum too.

Please give me advice if you know.
Problem solved.
(disable SPE)

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