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So someone's trying to hack my server..
When i woke up this morning and went to see if my server is running good.. although no one was playing on the server.. what i saw is that theres ip address got banned for attempting to hack my rcon password for five times.. luckily i disabled my rcon password before i went to sleep last night.. i couldn't find the logs that shows what happened to the server.. am i suppose to do something manually to have my console logged into a file??

anyways.. are there anyway to prevent hackers like this trying hack my server? luckily i'm using sourcemod, and added myself as an admin by using steamID.. so no password is needed there.. but am i safe?

what if i really got hacked, can they access through my files on the computer?? i'm a bit scared since i never hosted a server before..

can anyone recommend me something such as plugins that can prevent my server being hacked?? thanks
I don't know whether the ban for that hacker is a temporary or permanent.. i can't find any ban list or anything in my srcds folder stating that hacker w/ such ip address is banned.. is this normal for a server to ban someone automatically?

So then i tried to add that ip to my banned_ip.cfg "banip 0 ***.***.***.*** (sry i forgot the ip, i'm not home now)" but then what happened is that when the server detected there's a banned_ip.cfg file.. my server can't be seen or found on the internet list, or from gametracker.. i can only see my server on lan..

anyone have any idea why this is happening?
yea there are sourcemod plugins that can prevent it or just make a rcon pass like this sexi098VANKILLER123
if it's windows machine, complete hack of SRCDS may exploit your server files. if it's linux and you run SRCDS as special srcds user than you're a bit safer.
But don't be that scaried, person has to be some professional to reach that level, and in most cases they don't bother spending time on random game servers.
Most likely someone just tried to bruteforce password:
have very large rcon
banning for rcon bruteforce is temporary and set by cvars, something like 60 min, it's fine actually
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