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symlink or what?
I have two servers




Is it possible to fix so i only have to upload maps to for example /war/1 and /war/2 can use them to? If how. I have tried symlinks but i only get a link in that folder.
It is possible yes. i have just made it some days ago.

There is several ways to do it, and there is shown some of them here on the forum, if you keep looking in the linux part of the forum.

I can post the script i made for it (made with some lines found on when i get home.
Its easy. Do;

ln -s /home/server/css/war/1/css/maps /home/server/css/war/2/css/maps

Make sure to delete the one in /2 first. Also, i do not know if this is the correct path, adjust to your needs.

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