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Server is unreachable after crash
Hey Forum;

I run a Gmod server with SRCDS.

Everything was set up correctly, any one could join. A few days ago, we were having a Rave and someone crashed the server. Now, no one can join the server. They get the "Server is not responding" message..

I have checked my Server.cfg, even restored it from a backup I had.

I'm completely stumped as to what could have caused this. My Minecraft server on the same Machine still works perfectly; not only that but according to ""
my 27015 port is open.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
Well, I think It works now..
I restarted my router.

This forum is kind of quiet..

Is there a another SRCDS server? or is PC gaming just dying D:
The forums are active, but not ever 30 min Toungue
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