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Failed to load Steam Service
Hi all!

I´m trying up a Counter Strike Source Dedicated Server over CentOS 6. I have installed the hldsupdatetool.bin, update it, and so on.

But, when I try to start the server, its not possible and is show the phrases "Failed to load Steam Service" and "ServiceStart: failed to start" at console.

I already turned off the firewall and run a TCPDUMP on server interface to see the request comes when I try to found the server on Counter Strike client and it´s OK, the requests comes normally.

Does anybody can help me, please? The exit of console attached is attached on this message.

Thanks and regards,

Luis Carlos
Skype: lcb.lucas

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I don't see the problem if you can find it and connect to it on the Counter-Strike client...?
Hi Mike.

I can´t found the server. I said that when I try to find, I see the packages comes to server NIC interface (eth0) by TCPDUMP. With this information, we eliminate connectivity problems and firewalls rules.

Thanks and regards!

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