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is somebody trying to hack into my srcds?
I've seen a few times on my server log an unknown IP address trying to access RCON. Then it says "bad password"

Something like "rcon from "": Bad Password"

I've traced at least two IP's to Russia (surprise eh). Are my suspicions correct that this a hacking attempt?
Meh. Your server blocks the attempt. If you use a strong rcon password it shouldn't be an issue. Also, i get tons of those in my server logs.
Robots, they have nothing better to do than brute force.

I think it's time we got the Terminator in there to deal with them.
if your running sourcemod go here and give this a try
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RustedNut.UK - Hosting Solution

I was thinking robots too. I'll install that plug in. Thank you for the help dudes.

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