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After CSS update problem when votetime
After update. When player vote time. most palyer shutdown the css

STEAMAUTH Client <NAME> received failure code 6

I search google first. I can't find any solution, I suggested mapchooser and rtv plugin but, few people ( 5~6) is find by votetime

but If server have manpeople ( my server slot is 50, I don'k know exactly number, 30~50? I think ) css shutdown ( Not error, Just shutdown like.... When I click ALT + F4 )

Is it update problem? I changed my mapchooser plugin (defaul sourcemod's mapchooser.smx and mapchooser_extended.smx), problem still exist.

Help me please!! This is Serious problem for me and someone else

+ No shutdown problem in mani vote system
What version of sourcemod are you using?

I'm using 1.4.0

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