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I've seen a method of adding a command to the srcds config file to download all maps and other required files to join the server when joining from a http URL, but I can't find anything on this subject after searching through google for a good few hours now.

Has anyone got a link to a tutorial or information about this setting? I would like to conserve as much bandwidth as possible on my dedicated server and this would be a great thing to use.

bzip the bsp files, to make them smaller. and you will have to upload all of the files to a webserver, and then add the line "sv_downloadurl http://theurltothefiles" in the server.cfg file.

there was a tutorial on this forum somewhere someone wrote up that was pretty good.. i have no idea where it is though. try the search maybe. but its pretty simple. just upload the files, and add the line to the server.cfg. bziping is an option, but it will more then half the size of most bsp files.

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