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Had a few problems with CS:S after todays update:


Starting CS:S this message appeared:
Connect on replay.dll failed!
Remove the folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\counter-strike source\bin\


After the Linux servers update:
This server is runing an older version of the game
The new version of the server is located in the css-folder in stead of the orangebox-folder
I've copied the addons and the cfg folders to the css-folder and changed the path in my startupfiles.

Warning Level: 0%
I too just learned a couple things about the big Valve update we just got. The update broke the SteamBans Metamod: Source plugin. If you're running the SteamBans plugin and MetaMod: Source is preventing your server from starting, you need comment out the SteamBans line in your metaplugins.ini file and Metamod should work fine again. The SteamBans folks are working on repairing the plugin.

Additionally, I was on the TCAdmin site this morning and saw that the CSS folder change we're all pulling our hair out over was perhaps a Valve programming mistake and that it may revert back to Orangebox in a near future update. Can anyone verify this? Heavy users of TCAdmin like GSPs will have a ton of work ahead of them to correct their TCAdmin settings for the CSS folder change and if Valve plans to switch it back again, changing it all twice would be a kick in the balls.

If anyone has further, please let us know....

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