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My Linux css servers don't want to update...
After the yesterday's big valve update of css and tf2 , I noticed an issue that blocks my css servers from starting, (I disabled all addons , but still not starting). However , my tf2 server has been updated fine.

It seems that the error message which I caught spamming at my css servers via putty is this:

Quote:Finished RDTSC test. To prevent the startup delay from this benchmark, set the environment variable RDTSC_FREQUENCY to 2400.000000 on this system. This value is dependent upon the CPU clock speed and architecture and should be determined separately for each server. The use of this mechanism for timing can be disabled by setting RDTSC_FREQUENCY to 'disabled'.

So what to do now? What this update have done to the CPU of a linux server? How to fix this and get my servers start?

Thank you in advance.
what i did. i just re downloaded the whole game with ./steam. into a new directory. after that it worked fine. but i had that issue with css
Yup I'm having the same problem.

The update for Counterstrike Source servers happens but in another directory! If you install the game in a completely new directory you'll notice that it creates a "css" directory with all the stuff in it. You won't see an orange box/ folder.

After that I checked my directory with the servers in them and they all had a new css/ directory with the new updated stuff in them ..

Hope that helps someone,
They moved the "orangebox" directory to "css". But even when I renamed it, and updated, it still did a fresh reinstall. So I just started from scratch, works fine now.
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i had the same issue, as other people have said the directory is right above orangebox inside css. after i updated i just deleted orangebox (no issues so far).


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