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Server not starting

I am trying to run my server it says server is out of date update then restart.
So i close it then click update.bat
it only get up to the Updating installation and doesnt go further.
So i close it and try tu run the server again it say the the COM_initShutdown file is missong something like that

try this

1. remove ClientRegistry.blob then run the updater this will make a new one
2. open up ur update.bat put this -verify_all at the end

try them see how you get on
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Usually the shutdown errors are caused by an outdated addon.
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With the update changed the server directory before any game was in Orangebox and now is in css, you'll see that with the upgrade has created a new directory called css, then just change the start of your server to the new path instead of ( Orangebox/srcds.exe ) now is ( css/srcds.exe ).

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