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cannot for life of me make "joinserver.mp3" work
Server OS: windows 7 home premium 64-bit
Processor: i7 920 3ghz oc'ed
Game(s): css

Hey yall,

I just did a fresh install of srcds using hldsupdatertool.exe and install mani admin plugin V.

I tested and it's running great. I've tweaked the server.cfg file and the mani cfg file.

The ONLY thing that is killing me is I'm trying to make the joinserver.mp3 ring out when some joins the server but it's not working anymore. I had it working only ONCE but it never plays again.

Here's what shows up in console: " Failed to load sound "admin_plugin/actions/joinserver.mp3", file probably missing from disk/repository "

I've seen all the threads related to this problem and have tried the solutions but they didn't work for me. (this thread:

So Here's what I've done:

-Uncommented "Joinserver" from the actionsoundlist text file.
-sv_pure 0
-sv_consistency 0
-sv_allowdownloads 1
-mani_sounds_auto_download is set to 1
-sv_downloadurl ""

keep in mind this is not even custom sound! it's the one included with mani-plug in.

I've also even deleted my client side sounds downloaded but it won't download anymore. Perhaps I should try on another client (friend's css) to see if it's not my server but client issue?
WELL, nevermind. It *was* the client and i found that the allow custom sound downloads was disabled in the CSS options menu. I swear I thought I had that on but it was off. Works GREAT now.

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