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TF2 Dedicated Server Simply Shutting Down
I'm new to hosting this, but I have a remote connection to an actual dedicated server running Win Server 2008 Web Edition.

I've configured everything correctly and the server runs flawlessly.

The problem is: I come back hours later when the server has remained empty, connect to my desktop, and the shell has closed.

I took steps as shown in online tutorials to allow my program to run as a service, and it shows it as a service in task manager. However, it still shuts down after being idle for too long.

Much help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Probably crashed for some reason.

It probably is. But for a reason that has to be related or correlated to the amount of players. It ran for 8 hours straight yesterday with up to 26 players. Then in between then and now, I'm positive it was empty.

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