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Need custom plugin done D;
Hello SRCDS,

My name is Tom and I am in need of a custom plugin (preferably sourcemod). I need this for a server that I am going to make. I need a custom plugin that will make our server unique. Some of you may know me, but you all do now. My name is Tom and I am the owner of the fast rising counter strike source clan 'I Love Turtles'.

I am willing to pay for this plugin.

Well, I really need a credit store which allows players to buy extras for them. With this credit store they can get a certain amount of credits for being active on the server.

I need on this;
  • Trails (Colours and specials)
  • Hats
  • Costumes/Characters
  • Special effects (eg. glow and beacon)
  • Special chat
  • Purchasable VIP (with extra commands)

I am willing to pay for this plugin as explained before.

If you wish to add me on steam to discuss this and the pricing then here is my community page...


You should get on Alliedmodders and those types of forums. They're probably more willing than us to code something for you.
Ya, this is the wrong place to post such a request Toungue
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Sorry, didn't realise, I am new to the forum. I am also getting Goilio to develop this plugin for me so, if you will, can you please close this thread?
Not any more as you pulled out. Even after making your deposit.

Thread Closed.
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