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I was pondering the route of using linux for my CS Source Server. I have run Home based servers on Win XP and Win2003. I can run 12 man servers without lag.

What I was wondering is will I see a performance increase with Linux? Also should I use the GUI or the console? What distro should I use for a beginner. I love to learn new stuff and have been wondering what linux is like. Your tutorials on installing CS Servers are great and if the linux tutorial is as great as with windows ones, I shouldn't have any trouble.

Server Specs are:

P4 2.4 533fsb
1 gig ram
36 gig raptor
10/100 onboard nic

Home Connection is 15/2 Business Bright House account.

Sorry if this as been covered. I couldn't find anything on it using the search.
Number one, always ALWAYS use the console! not only is the gui incompatible with scripts like batch files, it is a resource hog.

What distro... now that I am not too keen on. I assume that most of the distros of Linux should just be fine, but I will ask one of my server amdin buddies to see what distro he uses.

I think you should do fine with linux and a game server.

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