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multiple computers
is there any way at all to run an srcds server on 2 computers. or to have to admins capable of kicking people ect? and by the way the game i am doing is gmod 9
fine then pay no atention to me
Hold up, most of us of school or work (Skeletor has work, I got school) and we cant get to your posts right away. Give us a day and we are usually right here replying ASAP to users posts.

Ok It is not possible to have a SINGLE SRCDS on 2 computers. You can have 2 servers on each machine and then use them to redirect cilents to the other server if full using the Mani Admin Plugin

Admins can be used to kick users by simply uploading and installing the Mani Admin Plugin which I believe supports Gmod 9. A full list of game types can be found in a txt file in the install .zip folder.

Other than that welcome to the World of SRCDS and and we hope you get the best out of your server!
ok and sorry for being so rude. i was asuming you were a bit older and you wernt bothering with a lowely noob. but thankyou!
no its not that, its just its not our life to sit on this forum, lol. i am here quite a bit, and i will help anyone who asks the best i can. so don't think that me or zealot isn't helping you cuz your a "noob" thats the reason for this forum, is to help out people who don't know everything they need to know.. and those that know a lot.. to know more Big Grin
I know this is a tottaly anchient post but i was loading up my server as usual and i was looking for some new commands to play with and i found this one

ip : 66 : : Overrides IP for multihomed hosts

If i typed in the ip of another pc could i run the server off that?
Thanks in advance
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No, it wouldn't work.  The IP startup flag is used to specify which IP to bind to on the local machine.  If you try binding to an IP address that doesn't exist on that machine, you'll get the famous "Couldn't allocate dedicated server UDP port" error.
Oh ok. Thanks for the help. I will finnaly let this post die Smile
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