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I think i messed up my motd file a little, i want it customized, but i think i should start from the original file instead of the version that i have, anyone wanna help with that?
it doesn't matter what you start with, it works the same as any standard html page. just don't put too much in or it won't work right, cuz there is a character limit. Can't remember what it is exactly, but yea.
html is something i do happen to know, so i'll just throw something together for it.

2 questions for if you happen to browse by this thread again

1. are there any specific lines of html that i need to make sure are in there? or just the basic stuff

2. where should the motd file be placed? because there wasn't one in my sourcededicatedserver/cstrike/ folder.
1. Just your regular HTML requirments... DOCTYPE, propper formatting etc...

2. The motd file should be placed in the root of the game DIR, like if I have a CSS server it should go in the /cstrike/ folder


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