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Couldn't Allocate any Server IP Port
Hi I have an issue when trying to make my own server. I cannot get in my own server I do not know if anyone else can though. SRCDS starts up fine then when I try to connect through garrysmod, my garrysmod stops working and tells my Couldn't allocate and server ip port is there something i can do about this?

My system settings are this
IOS: Windows Vista (system package 1)
Ram: 4GB

anything else you need you can ask. Big Grin
You need to forward these ports on your router:

and add this to the startupline:
+hostport 27016 +tv_port 27021
Warning Level: 0%
Remove the -ip xx.xx.xx.xx line
Also, +port 27016
hostpost is an old command that doesn't work and tends to cause issues.
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