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this overflow problem is server attack?
this overflow problem is server attack?
When the server is on
Every 40-50 minutes
These messages are output server console window

[Image: d0049861_4e7dfff3b4b48.jpg]
up image is server console window
[Image: d0049861_4e7dfff25b23c.jpg]
up image is game server connect to message output

I have other servers running
This message will appear frequently
I'm running the server
Jail break Server / Surf server / hide and seek server

Server computer specifications
amd penum2 deneb 945 processor
ram 3 gb
ubuntu korean edtion 32bit
a func_rotating in the BSP (map) is causing it. probably a player getting caught inside the func_rotating. the hunk allocation on the engine is actually pretty ridiculously low (it's 32 MB and cannot be increased without disassembly), but remove this map from rotation and problem should be fixed

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