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rank system not working
It took me a while to get the mani-admin plugin working, but i seem to have it going for the most part.
The main reason i wanted it was for the rank system.
so i started up my server and played for a while and then typed in rank, and it had all my stats at 0 (kills kill/death ratio, etc...)

so I was wondering if there was anything in particular that causes this.

I've noticed that in my dialog for my server it says "couldn't exec server.cfg"

maybe that's why?
if so how would i fix that.
sorry I don't really know what information to give you to come up witha good diagnosis.
it says couldn't exec server.cfg because you haven't made one. which really isn't a big deal. but you should make a server.cfg here is a cfg maker for css, but is semi relavant for all others as well you should also add "exec mani_server.cfg" to your server.cfg file, that could be the problem. that or the stats just haven't updated yet..they can be set to update every map change or every round start. that setting is in the mani_server.cfg file.

and really anyways, problems with mani would be best answered in the mani forums because well. mani himself will know more about it then anyone Big Grin
awesome resource
thanks for all your help skeletor, hopefully this will help my rank system
Fell free to hit the mani forums, or drop by here as I use mani myself and know a ton about it.


in your new server.cfg make sure you add this CRUCIAL command line...

exec mani_server.cfg

or insert the name of your mani config file

A lot of new admin set ups fail to add that line and NONE of your settings will get set up when you turn on the server.
it seems that the rank system is kind of working, when i type in rank it says

"the user al puppy is not yet ranked: kills: 13 deaths: 20 kd ratio: 7.2"

or something similar to that, so it's kind of working, but noone is ranked yet
look for this cvar in the mani_server.cfg file.
mani_stats_kills_required 50. Mine is set to 50 as u can see. set that to as many kills as you want. Once the person reaches the kills required you will then start having a rank.
Once you hit the kills required, then you are entered into the ranking system of your server
perrrrrrrrrrfect, obviously i need another 12 kills, cause mine is set to 12.
too bad it doesn't count bot kills as kills towards my rank.
thanks for your nelp guys!!!
yup.. if your gettin kills.. it works. it just may take awhile to get actually a rank, thats just to stop somone from commin in, gettin 6 kills and no deaths, haveing a kd ratio of 6.0, and probly leading the ranks over a couple minutes of luck, or just playn some really crappy players.
is there anyway to make bot kills count?
i'm not sure if i'd use it, but perhaps
look for this line "mani_stats_include_bot_kills" and change the 0 to 1 in the mani_server.cfg
(the find feature comes in real good use for that Big Grin)
thanks skeletor, so very very helpful you are!

is there some place I can go that would tell me everything that can be configured in that mani_server.cfg file?
I would try the forums at Mani they have a lot of stuff there about the cfg files for it
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yea on manis site theres documentation about just about everything.. or just read the mani_server.cfg file.. it explains what everything on it. thats how i learnd tons about how to configure it.

and no problem.. glad i can help

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