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Help regarding updates, VAC and servers
i'll try explaining the issue here first ..On our network our isp have blocked all of the IP- pools of other countries, due to this we cannot host any game servers like (CSS & Teamfortress2... . . )

becase we cannot update game thru HLDStool as it never connects thru update servers, neither can we make our servers VAC secure.... cause if imnot wrong to make server VAC secure a connection to steam servers is needed. Right ?

now what i really need help with is i need IP/Port's of those servers which need a connection to make a secure and updated server.. Mainly

HLDSupdate server ip for ( both CSS and tf2 ) :
Steam Servers /VAC servers ip /masterservers ip's :
Zblock Servers Ip? :
any more ip's which might help ?

Please help as soon as possible so i can get the needed addresses unblocked Rolleyes
any one cares to help on this forum ?
No one knows the IPs and all that stuff. Suggest you find a server where you have access, and setup a firewall log, so you can see what ports and ip's that open.

HLDSUpdate runs on the content servers witch change constantly.

VAC Servers idk.

Master servers is in a file somewhere in a steam installation.

ZBlock? Ask on their forums.
BUMP... since this is unresolved and i need help again on this matter.

how do i make my server VAC secure if all other ips are blocked? i need list of vac server ips.
AFAIK, there isn't a documented list of VAC servers. I know a year or so ago they rolled all their sub-domains for content into one single domain and recommend pulling for the domain then an IP address. What country are you in? I'm sure someone else has solved this problem in the past.
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