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TF2 install problems since update
Hi everyone, I'm quite new to both running an srcds server and Linux.

I started 3 weeks ago and got a couple of TF2 servers up and running, when I launch these servers I get the .steam binary could not be loaded error on startup as I was using -autoupdate, didn't bother fixing it and then there was an update on 15/09/2011. I tried to update it but it kept installing into a different directory and couldn't get the issue fixed.

I'm sure I screwed up the way I did the multiple install so I decided to start again.

I created a new folder, downloaded and ran hldsupdatetool, then did
./steam -command update -game tf -dir .
It completed saying that the install is up to date.

When I run the server I get
Auto detecting CPU
Using AMD-Opteron (64 bit) Optimised binary.
Server will auto-restart if there is a crash.

Console initialized.
./srcds_run: line 344: 21302 Segmentation fault      $HL_CMD
Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem

A few things are confusing me about this.

When I install it does not put the tf folder into an "orangebox" folder, my tf folder is in the same folder as the steam file.

Ive never had the message about using "Using AMD-Opteron (64 bit) Optimised binary." it always said it was using SSE2 optimised binary

For testing I'm running the server via SSH from root and it crashes even before it gives the countdown warning about running in root.

The original installs still work but no-one can join as its an old version.

Further info:

Server OS: Gentoo 64bit
Processor: Opteron 4122 2.2GHz 4 cores (only 4 cores as its a vps)
Ram: 1Gb
Game(s): TF2
Start Up Command: ./srcds_run -game tf -port 27025 +maxplayers 32 +map pl_goldrush

Full Install Command: ./steam -command update -game "tf" -dir .

Thanks for any time/help with this issue.

Hi, can the community please give some feedback on this too? This would a great help! Is there any missing information that's needed? Or this a unique occurrence?


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