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Server Provider Like NFO..
Do game server providers like Nuclear Fallout, End of Reality, and other providers host their servers using SRCDS?

This is what I am thinking:
-They have very high quality server
-Download SRCDS onto them
-Take it to a Data Center
-Host our servers on them?

Is it possible to buy your own Server (physical)
Download SRCDS onto it
Take it to a data center
And host your very own high quality server?

Yes. Everyone uses srcds. For your second question, it is possible to purchase a computer and get it co-located in a datacenter.
Thanks Mike for the quick reply +Rep!

Looking at recent post, it sounds like you know what your talking about, how would I go about changing the server fps?

Edit* Let me be more specific, I am currently renting from, Ive hear it is possible if you know what your doing to increase the FPS on a server through the CFG's. Is this possibe?
Yes. Add fps_max "66.66" in your configs.

Edit: Replace 66.66 with your number, remember, valve has capped it to 500 fps now (499).
SO server providers that claim they are giving you 2000 fps are really not?
(09-11-2011, 10:41 AM)mafioso Wrote:  SO server providers that claim they are giving you 2000 fps are really not?

They are with modifications they have made but FPS does not really matter any more as long as it is higher that the ticket rate.
~ trewq
It shouldn't be higher, it should be exactly 66.66 to match the tickrate.
they didnt physically cap it, they just added an extra 1ms of sleep. before it slept 1ms which by the laws of computers would limit you to 1000 fps. now they added an extra 1ms which halves it from the original 1000 to 500. remove the new 1ms and u get 1000 again, remove the original 1ms and you get 10000.
so how do u remove the 1ms?
Don't do it. And don't tell the guy either. It is absolute bullshit that it "increases hit detection" and makes the game "smoother". All you do is creating extra un-needed CPU-usage on the host.
so u obviousley know how to do it? can u just tell me so i can try it please and see it for myself
I wont tell you. I am against everything of 1000 fps, 100 tick and all that bullshit. Run with 66.66 fps and i shall gladly help you.

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