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Cron-job for stopping and starting a server at specific times

I'm planning to run an idle server for my friends on my home-hosted computer (:3). They only idle at night, so there is no use of having it online at daytime and i'd like this process to be automated and i therefore thought of cronjobs. How would i go on to start the server at 18.00 GMT +1 and shut it down at 10.00 GMT +1?

crontab -e
0 19 * * * <path to startfile with screen command>
0 11 * * * <path to startfile with screen command>
Warning Level: 0%
Cheers! Smile
Hello. How to do that? Can someone please teel i easier way? Smile
Easy as it gets...
~ trewq
Just type "crontab -e" and paste the lines Arjen posted at the bottom, but make sure to edit them.

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