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How to speed up your steam download speed.
I created a tutorial on youtube..
The video is popular but it was made by me Smile
YouTube Video

tutorial guide:
--------VIDEO GUIDE-----------
Hello everyone, is your steam download speed going slower than usual?
if it is then follow this guide!
1. go to the site i am on(link in description)
WHEN your on it this is the servers that you download from! Now scroll down to the server your on, and if it's busy then thats why! If you dont
know your server just follow this....
1. go to steam
2. go to steam button
3. go to settings
4. go to downloads + cloud
5. go to download region, and thats your region so go to that on the page(in my case its washington dc)
see how they're busy?
listen to this:
if your downloading something really slow you can go to the downloads region setting and change that to a server near by in a city that is not
as busy!
I tried philadephia but it wasn't making any difference i just changed it to washington dc and it worked fine! I am downloading at 1.3 mbs now(better than
800 kbs)
My default city was new york city so new york looks busy! So thats it. Now if the servers are not busy at all and everyone else is find just go here... and test the nearest city there! My usual download speed is 22 mbs but since my bro is playing his game its going down to 18-19 mbs!
thanks for watchen hope you enjoy it!
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I don't see how this is related to SRCDS. And it doesn't really help either. Mine was set to UK, i changed it to Norway and got the exact same speed.
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