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Installing CSS

I got a linux server last day from a DataCenter. Installed srcds and updated that.

I can run it now and i can connect to it via telnet on linux box (local) that confirm srcds works fine. But i cant connect to it via my home pc.

DataCenter said that we didn't blocked any port. But there must be something because if i run in on port 80 i can use telnet(Home PC) to connect to it (of course i cant play even with port 80 i think because of other ports)

What i need to do?! I need to tell them to forward this range of ports? (27000~28000) Are they have router?! I mean they have one router per IP?! Do you think they will accept that?

Or i forgot something?! I mean "iptables" config or anything related to my not to DataCenter?!

I also tested "" on server and i cant connect to it via port 27030.

tnx for reply
Ok. I told them to forward Port range 27000 to 27050 and they did. I can now connect via Telnet but not by game. Also steam cant find it when i try to add that to favs. What i need to do?!

Ok. Just updated and problem solved.

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