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How big can my server be??
Hi everyone,
I was wondering how big of a server my computer can run. Ive looked at that lag free server place and i find it hard to belive my results of only 8 players. My specs are.

Amd dual core 4400+ 2.2ghz
2 gigs of ram
250 gb hdd
11mbps internet connection
geforce 7800 GT.

359 uplink speed.

Only 359 uplink isn't that much, i'd say less than 8 players.
with my specs they r almost compared with pro places with amds only dif is how big it is and like im saying im only tryin to run 20 slots they run bout 5 servers off one machine. DO you know of a belkin card that can have better mbps with a 54 mbps router??
But if you isp has a max of 359up than you can shake it to host a server with more then 6-8 slots, the best hardware in the world issen't going to help you than.
yup.. the computer hardware in this case isn't the limited. yea if you had a 100 mb/s uplink you could hold loads more.. but with that.. you could probly squeeze 12 players out. with configureing the server rates decently and stuff. so if you want a bigger server... get a better internet connection =)
oic but this is what im wondering i only have a 11mbps router my card is capable of 54 mbps i can buy a new router that can max out my network card to 54 mbps would that help my uplink at all
No that will not help you to improve your uplink, it will only help when your on a lan.
the piont is your isp has a up speed of 359 (as you sad) so it wont go any faster than that. the only thing you can do is take another speed package from your isp that has a bigger upload.
yup what T!m said.. that will improve the speed to your router, but the speed past your router will remain the same (slower then your speed to the router is now) soo it will have no increase in speed.
It's not very smart to run a server from behind a non-wired network. use a cabeled instead!

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