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How to add maps to my new dedicated server?
Hey all, im very new to this, so i would like to ask how i add maps to my new server? (which runs in command)

EDIT, I would also like to know if there is a way that my server can run 24/7, without having my laptop open? Smile

Sencirly Qbo!
Go to your SRCDS server folder, then go into orangebox > then into the game you're hosting (e.g garrysmod/cstrike), then look for the "maps" folder and just drag and drop your map into it, it depends on what game you're running because in counterstrike you have to add the map name to maplist.txt and the mapcycle.txt. That's all the info I can give you right now Smile

And for the server to be on all the time you have to have your laptop on all the time too!
Thank you very much, i'll try it! Smile
You can set your laptop to "do nothing" when you close the lid. There for the lid can be closed on the laptop, but the laptop will still be on and running.
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(09-05-2011, 02:03 AM)Qbo Wrote:  Thank you very much, i'll try it! Smile
To set the starting map, add +map "map name" to your command line.
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