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failed to load the launcher DLL
Sadi am tring to load up cs:s,day of defeat source and halflife 2 deathmatch when an error message comes up saying failed to load the launcher DLL. can anybody help me ive reinstalled it 3 times and it still wont work.been tring since christmas day but no luck. can anybody help?Sad

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do you mean client or server? cuz from the way you say it sounds like client, but you posted on source dedicated server Toungue but either way..

are you trying to start through steam? and is it the client? or a server..
I am trying to start through steam, the message keeps coming up that it is unable to load DLL launcher. Any ideas?
is it client or server? but really.. i think either way.. i don't know lol. if you have tried to reinstall it. maybe take your question to the steam forums. which right now won't let me load.. says they have a database error...

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