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Disk usage
Hi there!

I have a Left 4 Dead 2 server set up and working just dandy on my Linode 512. However, if any of you are aware of Linode, you'll know that the Linode 512 only comes with 20GB of disk.

L4D2 is taking up 9GB of that 20GB.

That seems very excessive to me. Upon closer inspection, it looks like hlds download all of the client data sans executable.

Is there any of this data that I can remove to save space? How could I achieve the most minimal disk usage, but still retain full function? I'm looking at simply hosting the main L4D2 campaigns and some custom maps.
symlinks Big Grin
I'm not sure how those would be helpful. Do you mean symlinking my local data over sftp or something? That would increase bandwidth usage awfully and I would hardly be able to play because I'd be uploading all that data.
symlinks will help you (only) if you have more then one l4d2 server running. you could then download one copy of l4d2 and create several "instances" of the server my symlinking to that copy. only files that are different among the servers (e.g. config) have to be real files then, and those files are generally small.

else you might be able to remove e.g. maps you don't run. probably also other files, but it might be difficult to find out which ones are unused in your special case... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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