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Player disconnect causing lag
Hi, I have a strange problem in my server.
when a player disconnects cause a lag on the server.

What I've tried to do:

installed the server without plugins
I tried to leave the server default, no addons
try an outdated version of srcds

curiosity ...
if I run the server on another IP and port, the problem disappears
if I run the server on another IP the problem continues
if I change the port the problem disappears

By this I've moved from port 27015 to 27025 that solved the problem for a while
Now it started happening on port 27025
I need to find a solution for this so I do not have to keep constantly changing port.
Problem solved!

I was wrong because it was really problem with plugins

The plugin that was causing this problem is the outdated savescores (version 1.1.0)
Just upgrade to version 1.3.4 the problem disappeared


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