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start from desktop and find out ports
hi all

1) i have a dedi box from INX-Gaming with windows 2003 server installed. i have installed the srcds and made to folders one for zombies and just a plan server with the defaukts maps on. is was just woundering if i could start a server from a desktop icon instead of going into cmd and typeing a the exe command over and over again

2) my second problem is i dont know how to find out wat port my servers are using?

plz help

thanks mario
1) thats easy, just find the srcd.exe and right click it, and click send to desktop (create shortcut) and then right click the desktop shortcut just created and click properties, and then the target line at the very end add everything for the cmd line. so it would like something like
...srcds.exe" -console -game.....
something like that, or you could use something like [url=""]server checker[/url] and that will auto start the server after you log into the remote computer. and will auto keep them up after you start them. and that will handle the start up line and everything.

and you have to assign the ports to the server, or both of them will default to 27015, and if both servers are on the same ip.. that won't work. so you have to add -port with a number behind it. 27015 is default. and really it can be any number, but they recommend to stay right around that number.

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