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Server won't change level
My server (I'm not hosting it BTW, it's a server we rent) won't change level when I want to use a custom map. It works fine when we change from a stock map to another stock map, but as soon as I change to a custom map Client goes :"Server is changing level"
And my FileZilla loses connection as soon as I change map. I assume it's a crash. but if so, What can I do?

EDIT: Found out my custom maps are not on the "nominate" menu, neither on the RTV, thought this might help.
Sounds like something's wrong with the hosters ftp configuration, filezilla shouldnt loose connection to a server when it's not related to the gameserver itself.
I decided I would try to install new maps and try them. I got 2rooms to work but cpl_fire and cpl_mill crash the server. I then tried running cpl_fire/mill on a listen server, and they work. that means the map isn't corrupt. i'm so confused. Sad

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